Services for Businesses


Increase your employee’s free time and well-being with our pick-up and delivery service with zero cost to your business.

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Flight attendants, cooking schools, sporting equipment equipment, and many other industries value our services.

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Simplify your inventory management with our linen Rental service and offer an increase in value to your customers with our laundry and dry cleaning services.

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Added valuefor your employees

The socio-technological changes that we live with influence the needs of employees and LavaLocker has a solution to adapt to these changes: retain the best talent, improve the overall employment experience, adapt to innovation with the use of new technology and manage the complexity of busy work schedules.

More free time for your


Hight availability

of pick-up and

delivery service

Fast an convenient

pick-up and delivery

to your location

Physical and digital world


Great value through

all-in-one service

Highly qualified and

personalized customer


Trustworthy with

transparent pricing

Track your order with

notifications through each

step of the process

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We are in your industry

We are specialists in cleaning special garments. Uniforms, blinds, carpets, tablecloths, cushions, work gowns, curtains, sofa covers etc. The size doesn’t matter nor does the amount, many businesses support us: +200 seat cushions from auditoriums and theaters, +1.000kg of clothing from social assistance centers, +1.000 sports equipment, +500 uniformes of event hosts, +600 chef and waiter jackets, + 500 work gowns, +1.000 asthetic center towels , +500 yoga school blankets, +50 embassy flags

Healt: hospitals, dentists, institutions

Restaurants: Bars

restaurants, clubs

Education: day cares,

schools, universities

Sports: sport stores,

gyms, spas

Transportation: pilots

flight attendents, sailors

private taxis

Local business: Hair stylists,

butchers, security agencies

Special events: sporting

events, fairs, networking


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Services for hotels, hostalsand vacation apartments

We currently work with more than 250 apartments and boutique hostels providing several services such as laundry and dry cleaning service and a linen rental service that allows our customers to reduce operational costs.

We manage the orders on a weekly basis with minimum 24h notice time to cover your last minute orders. … with availably 365 days a year from 10h to 14h each day!

LavaLocker is the all-in-one

solution to your clean

clothing management

Inventory reduction

directly impacts your costs

Cost reduction

operational and personal

Highly qualifed and

personalized customer


Offer added value

comfort to yoru clients

with an inovative service

High grade service from

your vendors

LavaLocker: flexibility and

elevated availability

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