Terms and conditions


In our laundry “Lagoon” situated on Calle Napoles 188, Barcelona 08013: 0€

In our public lockers which are situated in our own properties: 0€ (Passeig Sant Joan 64, Barcelona & Calle Bailen 14 Barcelona)

In our lockers which are NOT situated in our own properties and are located in private buildings and offices: 15€ (All orders which have a value of less than the minimum order amount will be charged 1.50€!)

Delivery service to homes, offices, shops, hotels, hostels, tourist apartments etc.: 21€ (All orders which have a value of less than the minimum order amount will be charged this amount!)

Home delivery outside our normal delivery áreas, and large volume orders: 75€



For laundry dropped off and picked up from our laundry “Lagoon” situated on Calle Napoles 188, Barcelona 08013: 0€

For laundry picked up and dropped off in our public lockers which are situated in our own properties: 0€

(Passeig Sant Joan 64, Barcelona & Calle Bailen 14 Barcelona)

For laundry picked up and dropped off in our public lockers which are NOT situated in our own properties and are located in private buildings and offices:

Home delivery (Price per trip): 3,20€

Drop off and Pick up at the same time to business premises between10.00-14.00hr Monday – Sunday: 3,74€



Our prices may be modified at any time. The prices in the webpage include VAT. See our price list



25% discount off the first order for new clients is only available up to a maximum spend of 100€ using reference WS1257.

This discount is NOT applicable to the cleaning of carpets, shoes or leathers.

Lavalocker Sl retains the right to withdraw discounts at any time.



The minimum weight for our wash and fold service is 6kg. There is also a minimum of 25kg for our industrial laundry service. There is no minimum weight for our dry cleaning and wash and iron services as they are charged by item.



Payments can be made with any type of bank card (except American Express and Discover).

All payments received are processed by the company authorise,net and Lavalocker SL has no access nor does it store sensitive data relating to the card used by the client. The processing company have exclusive access to this data in terms of payments and receipts.

The payments will also be captured before the laundry is delivered; in the case of non-payment we retain the right to withhold the goods until payment is received.

All UNPAID orders which are not paid within 95 days of being collected will be considered abandoned and may be donated to charity or discarded.

At its discretion, Lavalocker SL may allow customers to pay by bank transfer at the end of each month. We may withdraw this facility at any time, without prior notification. At the end of each calendar month, Lavalocker SL will send by email an invoice to the client detailing all orders from that month. Payment of the facture should be made within 5 working days or Lavalocker SL may withdraw the privilege and request payment prior to any future deliveries.



When laundry is received in our installations Lavalocker SL with provide the client with a delivery note by email which will detail all the goods given by clients, the type of service offered and their respective costs. Customers are advised to separate clearly wash and fold items from wash and iron. If the client does not agree with the information given on the delivery note they must inform us immediately. Our telephone number is 93 502 170. Our email is: hola@lavalocker.es. Please note our opening hours are Monday-Friday 9am-6pm (not including public holidays)



Lavalocker SL will do all possible to avoid damaging laundry items. Customers agree that that Lavalocker SL will not be held responsible for any damage to buttons, sequins, pins, jewels, decorations etc. Furthermore Lavalocker will not hold Lavalocker SL responsible for any reduction or shrinkage or discolouration of laundry, or any damage during the cleaning process when an article has been treated in line with the instructions on the clothing. Lavalocker Sl will not be held liable for articles which are damaged due to manufacturing defect or as a result of inadequate or illegible washing instructions. This also applies to articles to fragile elements of the clothing that may require a special cleaning process or as a result of items left in pickets such as pens or markers etc

Lavalocker SL will attend all complaints in the case of damage. Clients must contact Lavalocker SL of the damages within 24 hours of the article being delivered. All complaints must be presented presented in writing and sent to hola@lavalocker.es. When a legitimate complaint has been received we will respond within 10-15 working days. During this period Lavalocker SL will do all possible to determine the cause of the damage or to repair any damage that has occurred. Clients agree that any article that does not have adequate and visible washing instructions will NOT be covered.



Any missing articles must be reported within 5 working days from the delivery date.

Lavlocker SL with do it upmost best to control all items recieved for cleaning, in the unusual case that things go wrong we attend personally to the issue.

In the case that clients use the lockers great care should be made to ensure that they are always closed correctly. Lavalocker SL cannot be held liable for loss or damage to articles as a result of the lockers not being closed correctly.



In the case that Lavalocker SL is responsible for the loss, damage or irreparable damage to an article due to mishandling, the client will be indemnified depending on the value given on the receipt, discounting the following amounts due to wear and tear:

Less than one year 20% less than the paid amount

One year & one day to two years 40% less than the paid amount

Two years & one day to three years 70% less than the paid amount

More than three years to five years 75% less than the paid amount



We cannot be held liable during the cleaning process for the following issues: Indelible stains or marks; alterations as a result of aging, wearing for example, wear and tear to neck and cuff areas; sun discolouration; badly washed clothes and/or those which are incompatible with the normal cleaning process; colour or solid marks; thermal energy y mechanisms; stains previously treated by client and buttons, decorations or applications that are incompatible with the cleaning treatment.



Although we are very careful when receiving articles throughout the whole process, we cannot be held liable for any loss of accessories such as jewellery, watches, money, cufflinks, belts, brooches, laces or any object attached or left in the clothing.

Clients must ensure that all pockets are emptied and to remove any accessory that is not part of the clothing. We cannot be held liable for the damage that may occur when items are left in the pockets such as lipsticks, pens, gum etc.

Lavalocker SL requests that you do not send laundry in reusable bags, suit bags, suitcase, personal hangers etc. In the case that we receive these items we will endeavour to return them with the laundry however in the case that they are damaged or lost Lavalocker SL will cannot be held responsible



Any personal article that is left in a Lavalocker SL locker will be collected and stored by us. If the article is not claimed within 95 days it will be donated to charity or disposed of.



Lavalocker SL will adhere tiny bar codes in discrete and unnoticeable parts of the article received for laundry. These codes are very important as they allow us to control the article, find out who it belongs to and in order to chare correctly. Unfortunately we cannot accept requests requesting that we do not apply these codes to the clothing.



Lavalocker will do everything possible to ensure that we deliver on time.

Within 48 hours of the order being collected (not including weekends or public holidays), making the order before 10am in a locker, we will go to pick up same day.

Never the less we cannot always guarantee the delivery time and cannot be held liable for damage or problems that may occur due to late delivery. The pick up times vary depending on the location.



Lavalocker SL has official complaint forms in our office locates at Passeig Sant Joan 64 08009 Barcelona Spain.

For any complaint the user can send us an email to: hola@lavalocker.es or call 93 502 170. The opening hours of our customer service department is Monday-Friday 9am-6pm (not public holidays)



In compliance with the Organic Law 15/1999, of Protection of Personal Data, and other applicable regulations, we inform you that personal data you provide to us by any means for any business relationship with our company, through an order or any form on the website lavalocker.es or sending an email to any of our inboxes will be included in files owned by LAVALOCKER one SCP (lavalocker.es owner and responsible in hereinafter referred to as Lavalocker SL) residing at Ronda Sant Pere 39, 4th, 2nd, 08010, Barcelona, Spain and will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

The purpose of the collection and processing of data is to manage the business relationship, requests and / or orders, their collection and also perform market research periodically. Market research may involve bringing you, information, advertising and commercial promotions of products and services marketed by Lavalocker SL .

Filling out any form on the website lavalocker.es or sending an email to any of our mailboxes constitutes acceptance of this Privacy Policy as well as the authorization for Lavalocker SL to use personal data according to the above purposes. It also implies consent to the transfer of data to collaborators Lavalocker regarding hiring where Lavalocker Services intervenes only as an intermediary.

Lavalocker SL presumes that the data have been introduced by its holder or by a person authorized by it, and they are correct and accurate. The owner of the data should be of age.

The data owner is responsible for the veracity and Lavalocker will not be liable for the inaccuracy of personal data. It also expects the data owner to update their own personal data.

Under the current legislation on data protection, Lavalocker SL has adopted adequate security levels to data provided by the owner of the data and also installed all means and measures at its disposal to prevent the loss, improper use, alteration, unauthorized access and extraction of these.

At any time, the owner of the data shall have the right of access, rectification and deletion of all your personal data and the right to object to receiving any advertising and / or withdraw your consent.

Cancellation of data involves blocking them and that they cannot be treated or viewed by Lavalocker SL nor any third parties. Without prejudice to what is stated here, note that some information may be stored by Lavalocker to fulfil their legal obligations, such as contractual responsibilities or fiscal and tax obligations.

To exercise the right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to all your personal data, the data owner must send an e -mail to the following address: hola@lavalocker.es, or through the Contact form available on the website, or to the following postal address: Lavalocker SL, Passeig Sant Joan 64 08009 ,Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.



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