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Express dry cleaning in 24 hours. We collect your clothes in 1h and we return them clean in 24h

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Laundry and dry cleaning

Online laundry and dry cleaning

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Online carpet cleaning

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We keep the process simple


1. Order

Select the items that you want us to manage and clean then place the order.


2. Collection and management

We collect what you need washed from your home or from our network of smart lockers then we do our job.


3. Tracking and payment

We confirm and inform you about the status of your order as well as when to make your online payment.

Entrega en 48h

4. Delivery

Our job is finished; this is when we return your belongings.

Our prices

Everyday garments

  • Dress Shirt _3.95€
  • Trousers _6.50€
  • Suit Jacket _8.50€
  • Suit (Suit jacket & Trousers)_14.95€
  • Blouse_5.95€
  • Skirt_5.95€
  • Sweater_5.95€
  • Dress_10.95€
  • Polo shirt_3.95€
  • T-shirt_3.95€
  • Evening dress_15.95€
  • Jacket_14.95€
  • Coat_15.95€
  • Leather jacket (from)_50.00€
  • Tie, bow tie, silk scarf_3.95€
  • Waistcoat_5.95€
  • Hato r Gloves_5.95€
  • Wedding dress (from)_90.00€

For the home

  • Wash and Iron Bedding (up to 8kg)_30.95€
  • Wash and Iron Bedding (up to 15kg)_44.95€
  • Wash and Fold (up to 8kg)_17.95€
  • Wash and Fold (up to 15kg)_29.95€
  • Synthetic single duvet _14.95€
  • Single quilt with feathers_22.95€
  • Synthetic double duvet_17.95€
  • Double duvet with feathers_22.95€
  • Carpet (m2)_11.85€
  • Curtains (m2)_8.00€
  • Table cloth – 6 services (from)_12.00€
  • Table cloth – 12 services (from)_14.00€
  • Single blanket_12.00€
  • Double blanket_15.00€
  • Bedspread_26.95€
  • Sofa covers (from)_9.00€

Repairs & alterations

  • Shorten cuff shirt_12.50€
  • Shorten dress_12.00€
  • Zipper dress_7.50€
  • Zipper purse_33.00€
  • Zipper trousers_7.50€
  • Patch pants_7.50€


  • Shirt Pack - 5 Shirts_14.00€
  • Suit Pack - 3 Suits_34.00€
  • Coats Pack - 2 Coats_20.00€
  • 25% off first order (up to)_25.00€
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Home delivery in Barcelona

All the comfort you deserve with our 48h home delivery service. Choose an available time slot for us to pick-up your order, separate the pieces of clothing based on the service you wish to have | Wash and Fold | Wash and Iron | Dry Cleaning | from here, we take care of the rest!

Avoid a trip the laundromat, save time, and focus on the important things in life: dedicate time to your family, go out with your friends, travel, have new experiences, meet new people or simply relax with a book!

Because life with LavaLocker is easier

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For Businesses

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Increase your employee’s free time and well-being with our pick-up and delivery service with zero cost to you business.

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Uniform Services

Flight attendants, cooking schools, sporting equipment equipment, and many other industries value our services.

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Simplify your inventory management with our linen Rental service and offer an increase in value to your customers with our laundry and dry cleaning services.

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