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When we pick up your order you will receive an email detailing the items we collected. The email also contains a link for you to enter your personal account and add your credit card details. Once authorised we will take the full payment on delivery of your washing. For all future payments we will simply charge the credit card on file.

All credit card information is stored on the secure third party payment gateway website, authorize.net. We don´t have any access to this information.

For our locker locations

Picked Up // Returned

Monday 10.00 – 14.00 // Wednesday 10.00 – 14.00

Tuesday 10.00 – 14.00 // Thursday 10.00 – 14.00

Wednesday 10.00 – 14.00 // Friday 10.00 – 14.00

Thursday 10.00 – 14.00 // Monday 10.00 – 14.00

Friday 10.00 – 14.00 // Thursday 10.00 – 14.00

We do not do pick-ups on public holidays and public holidays push back deliveries by one day.

For Home Pick-Up & Deliveries

You choose the exact pick-up and drop-off times at time of placing an order within our system

Surcharges that may apply to your order are the following:

From a Lavalocker stores

  • No surcharges applicable

From a Locker location (not lavalocker store)

  • €1,50 surcharge if the order amount is less than €14

Home pick-up and delivery service

  • Small transport surcharge depending on your chosen pick-up and delivery times

Log in to your Lavalocker account and click on “Discounts.” Then insert the discount code into the field. You can refresh the page to view all your new discounts.

Our home delivery service compliments our locker service in these occasions. Also, we can set up a office concierge service if you would prefer to have an office pick-up.


Learn how to use the lockers watching this video..

No, lockers are not assigned to any one client. Instead you can just chose any locker that is open and available.

Magic! Just kidding, placing an order lets us connect your name and telephone number to the locker containing your items.

You will receive a text message and email indicating the number of the locker in which your washing has been placed for you to collect.

Yes, your washing is safe in our lockers because only you and our staff can access your locker.

Troubleshooting: What happens if one item is lost or damaged?

We take every precaution to make sure this doesn´t happen, but if for some rare circumstance this does happens then we have an incident management procedure. You can see more in our terms and conditions.


It is quick and easy to create an account. You just have to sign-up on our website or via our app. We just need a name, email and phone number and you can get started straight away. You can fill in any other details once you have an account and you want to place an order.

Once you have registered place your washing in an available locker.  Then you can simply chose one of the following three methods to place an order: found here

We use cool patented technology that helps us keep track of items from the moment they’re picked up to the moment we return them to you. That’s why we barcode and take pictures of every dry cleaning item that passes through our system.

You can see these pictures in your Closet 2.0 by logging into your Lavalocker account and clicking on “My Closet.” This feature helps us keep track of individual items, but it also lets you document special instructions and mark stains and see when and how many times the item has been washed for your own records, as well.

Once you’ve registered, if you access your account and go to the “Rewards Program” section you will find all the details about the promotion that allows you to earn 10 € in consumption for every friend you’ve recommended.

It’s very easy: Share your promotional code with your friends. When your friends sign into LavaLocker they must add your personalised rewards code to earn a 30% discount on their first order (which needs to be equal to/or greater than 20 € for you to receive your €10 reward). Once your friends completes their order, you will receive a € 10 coupon in your personal account at Lavalocker.

Through our system BonusLocker you can get 10 € for each friend you recommend.


The wash and fold service is charged per kg and you may put any type of garments within the load but we recommend you do your whites and colours separately. This service has a minimum load of 6kgs. The wash and iron washing service is priced per item and is only available for your bedding which can be both coloured or whites.

When you place an order, let us know your special instructions by filling out the “Notes” section of “Place a New Order.” Just a heads up: special requests may delay your order depending on the type of request.

The first time you use our service we will return your clothes in a Lavalocker convertible dry-cleaning/laundry bag. This bag is yours to use and keep. Each time we receive laundry in your bag, we will know it’s from you. Please don’t give your laundry bag to someone else or we may mistakenly charge your account

Send a request via our contact us page that you would like lockers in your building and we will do the rest. If it is feasible and accepted by your building manager we will get them installed straight away. And yes, just for the email tip you will be entitled to €100 in services for bringing it to our attention. We appreciate your help!


Firstly , please don´t worry. When the bank authorises your card it completes a void transaction taking €1 from your account to verify your card.  This €1 is automatically returned to your account, although this takes between 1 – 3 days to show up again in your account.

LavaLocker does our best to monitor locker use to ensure that there are always enough free lockers. If we find that a location is constantly full, we will add another locker – if the landlord / business owner approves.  In the meantime, we apologise for the inconvenience and hope that we can assist you at one of our other drop-off points close by.  If you have any queries please don´t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Don’t panic! Email atencionalcliente@lavalocker.es and our customer service team will delete your false order and create a new one in the correct locker.

Once your washing is ready to pick up we send you a sms and email. If you do not pick it up within a day then we will send you a second reminder. If you still don´t pick it up then we will return it to our headquarters and you will need to call us and we will re-deliver it at your conenience to the same place for no additional cost.

When you register as a new customer we require you to agree to our terms and conditions. You can view our compete terms and conditions here.

If you have any further questions then you can speak directly to use via our online chat (seen in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen), or you can email us at atencionalcliente@lavalocker.es if it is after-hours and we will respond asap.